Iles des Lerins

Just opposite the bay of Cannes lies the picturesque Lerins islands, Ile Sainte Margarite and Il Saint Honorat. Ferries shuttle back and forth to Sainte-Marguerite from Juan-les-Pins and Cannes throughout the day. The port area, where the ferry lands, has cafés and restaurants including the renowned La Guerite. It is a short walk to the Fort Royal where you can see the now-bare little cell where the Man in the Iron Mask was incarcerated. The prison has been replaced by a museum. Once there, unwind on the quiet forest trails and have a picnic lunch, or find a rocky cove to swim from.

Il saint Honorat houses a monastery where the monks produce wine from their vineyards, honey, lavender oil, and liquors. There are no restaurants on the island and the ferry goes from Cannes port.